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Many times of problems many arise in the Wi-Fi and router. This is very common thing. This is why, every people should know the little information before purchasing of using the router. Now use of the router has been increasing for the smartphone and tablet PC. If you know something about setup the router and use all of the features. So, you alone will be enough for setup the router. You do not ask help from the experts to setup device and give solution. However, everything is very easy and you will enjoy all of the facilities after reading the manual.
You can use many websites like Blogs to get help. You can use Google.com and use YouTube to identify the problem. After purchasing the router, you can communicate with the manufacturing website to ask for help. However, you should read manual when you buy the router. But you should know that after connecting the device with the Ethernet cable and the power cable with router. You have to do setting for internet. If you do not make internet setup, then you cannot use internet and Wi-Fi. For setup the internet connection, you have to login to the router. To login to the router, you need to use an IP address that your router supports and the username with password. If you buy D-Link or Netgear router, then the default IP address is used. You have to find username and password for login.
If you want to login to the router, then you have to use a browser and you can use any browser that you like. You need to use the IP address on the browser and hit enter button for login. When press enter button from the keyboard, then you will see the IP address as a link Now a screen has come up and you will see a login form on the page and you need to put the username and password what you have collected from the router box or from the router manual. It is very easy to contact with customer care team of the manufacture and you can ask them for the default IP address, username and password. You can ask more help from the device.
Sometimes the IP address is used by many other devices and the D-Link router, you have to use http: // website link. This address is enough for the D-Link for getting the login screen. Now use the correct username and password on the login screen and login. The default IP address is chosen by the manufacture and users can change it after login to the device. From the control page of the router, users can easily control the IP address and setup all of the settings. From the manual you may get clear help. On the troubleshooting page, you will get easy solution for difficult problems.
You will see on different websites the username and password as admin. If you do find the default username and password in the router box, then you have to go to the manufacturing website or different blogs. Many websites write the IP address, username and password together. It looks like admin/admin or So, some new users cannot understand the IP address that is why they type it as it is When they press on the enter button from the keyboard and you will get error message continuously. The user does not get login screen and cannot login to the router.
The IP address is used varies of reason without login to the router for settings. That is why, it is necessary to keep the default IP address as it is. No one should change the default IP address and with the IP address, you can identify the router and computer connectivity. If you use wrong IP address, then you cannot login to the device control setting page and you cannot use it for any purpose. That is why, you should identify the correct IP address. The IP address does not combine with the letter.
Do not use any false IP address like on the browser address bar. If you use, then you cannot login. The wrong IP address does not give users any return and If you need to check the connectivity, then you have to use correct IP address but if you use this wrong IP address 192.168.01admin, then the browser will produce error message only. You have to use correct IP address 1192.168.0.1 instead of the wrong formatted IP address. Then you can use ping command to know more about connection. However, the correct IP address may not work in the browser and same types of error massages will produce. Then you should check other applications like firewall. The firewall may have blocked the correct IP address You can unblock the IP address from firewall and check the compute with updated antivirus. If you read router, then you may identify the problem. Use ping command to identify the correct IP address.
If you use IP address with any other sign or the letter, then that will be wrongly formatted IP address and that IP address has no any use. You cannot use any letter in the IP address. You cannot use any sign in the IP address except the dot. The IP address will be full of numbers and the IP address will be formed into 4 parts by the 3 dots. If you use any more or less dot in the IP address, then it does not remain the IP address and it will become useless thing. Now should know how to fix the IP address and use your device IP address.
In a router, you will get various problems and some problems may identify quick and some problems may not identify fast but if you use correct IP address with ping, then you can identify the problem. The problem may trigger from the lose cable connection and wrong IP address. You need to use IP address instead of If you use “ping”, then you will get correct feedback. You should not use faulty IP address like “ping”. If you see Lost=100%, then you should check the device connection, check IP address and other settings. The firewall may be the cause of blocking IP address and this is why, you may get error message like Lost =100%. You should check firewall and unblock the firewall.
Always read manual of the router for getting support. If you are unsure about anything, then you should contact with manufacturer or you can ask any experts. If you are advanced user, then you are enough to find out the problem of the router and find solution. The solution may remain in the network settings from the router and you can easily identify the place from the Ethernet and follow other rules for setup the IP address in default gateway. You can find solution from the browser cleaning.